Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Instamonth: May

South Shields Beach - Quay Ingredient - Lola Jeans Bar

May was a great month for me; it was my birthday, my best friends came to visit, I went to Edinburgh and I finished my first year of uni! I started off the month by going to the beach at South Shields with my two flatmates. Then Abbie and Sophie came up to Newcastle and we went to lots of cafes, restaurants and bars including Quay Ingredient and Lola Jeans. 

 Some birthday presents - The Great British Cupcakery - Red velvet birthday cake

Then on the 12th of May it was birthday and I got some really great presents. All my friends know me so well and the presents they got for me were so perfect! Some things I got where: a boots voucher, Audrey Hepburn perfume and toiletries, a Mary Berry recipe book, paper decorations, green tea, a Japanese teacup and a hula hoop which provided lots of entertainment! On my birthday I went with my flatmates to the Great British Cupcakery which was lovely, they also bought me a delicious red velvet cake.

Nancy's Bordello - The Star Inn The City - Another birthday Cake!

On my last night in Newcastle we went to Nancy's Bordello for tea and then went back to our flat for a few drinks. Then I came back home to York and my mum took me to The Star Inn The City for a belated birthday brunch. I got some pancakes with maple syrup and bacon which were delicious! I then got another birthday when we went round to my Grandma and Grandad's for tea.

Carrot cake at Scottish National Museum - Hard Rock Cafe - Bagpipe player in Edinburgh

Me and my mum then went up to Edinburgh for a couple of days which I really enjoyed as it was my first time to go there. We went to an exhibition of clothes by Pringle of Scotland at the Scottish National Museum where I had some yummy carrot cake. In the evening we went for some cocktails and food at the Hard Rock Cafe. We walked along the Royal Mile to the castle and saw various people playing bagpipes!

1950's fashion exhibition at Lotherton Hall - Lucia's wine bar and grill

I also went to the newly opened fashion galleries at Lotherton Hall to see the1950's Age of Glamour exhibition. Then I met up with Abbie and Sophie again and we went to Lucia's which is one of my favourite restaurants in York. I got a really nice seafood salad.

Doing this post has made me realise that most of my instagram posts are food and drink, especially hot chocolate and cake! Anyway I had a great month, hope you did too.


  1. Happy belated birthday!! :) Edinburgh is such a cool city! Really want to go there again soon!!

    1. Thanks Van! It was my first time to go and I really enjoyed it, would love to go again! x

  2. I love Edinburgh! Happy belated birthday Anna - I hope June is being as good to you!

    1. I love it too now! Thank you, it definitely is being good to me! x